Urgent Letter to President Josefh Biden and to all members of the US-Government as well as to all Members of the US-Congress and the US-Senate

Urgent Letter to
President Josefh Biden and to
all members of the US-Government
as well as to 
all Members of
the US-Congress and the US-Senate


Dear Madams and Sirs,

I would feel guilty, if I did not write this urgent letter to you – 
guilty before GOD and Mankind.
It is not for for you and your great country alone, but for the whole world.

I am an old man, who stems from a political family and who had to suffer the atrocities of the Second World War (including senseless US phosphorus-bombs on Easter Monday 1945) and the Russian Occupation.
But I also am witness of the deal with the Russions, which brought us freedom and wellbeing. The core of the deal was our permanent neutrality. 

The proxy-war you are just fostering in the Ukraine tends to trigger off a Third World war, since you are provoking  the Russion Atomic Power to the atmost. There is an old political saying: Do not drive them to dispair! 
You still think, that you can take this risk, since so far in all the wars, who have waged under the pretext of humanity and democracy, death, destruction and suffering happened abroad (I think on Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak, Libya etc.). 
But this will not be the case in the future! 
Therefore you will also be responsible for the lives of your fellow-citicens.

I also think that your short-sighted dependency on the military-industrial-financial ‚deep state‘ will lead to a financial and military desaster, since you overstrech your economic abilities – based on money-printing and -borrowing.

There exist several reliable prophecies, which foresee the disastrous development, if we do not change our minds.
Therefore I ask you all, to come to thoughts of peace instead of warmongering.

The way out of your present imperial engagement is simple and possible:
Accept for the Ukraine permanent neutrality, non-alignement (whether East nor West) and federal strucure (giving the easter oblasts autonomy according the example of Switzerland). 
The Russions could accept this, wihout loosing face, if the Crimea an Sewastopol would stay under their dominance.

I do hope, that you will take responsibility and lead the World towards peace.

Yours Prof. Dr. Heinrich Wohlmeyer, Austria

P. S. : The decision to deliver  heavy weapons to the Ukraine will force the Russians to destroy transport-routes, which have so far served humanitarian help.


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